An Attempt to De-escalate

Rob Ford and Bill Blair

Photo by Michelle Siu / The Canadian Press

As someone who has put in a lot of time dealing with tenuous relationships between the police and the community, particularly in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, the separation between the procedural and political can be an unclear line at best.

However, in the case of Mayor Rob Ford’s ongoing relationship with Toronto Police Services, I would argue that this is simply a case of Chief Bill Blair and co. doing their job as dictated by the crown; they’re acting on information and tips, which, in this situation, happen to be directed at the Mayor of Toronto. It’s only being made into a political issue by Ford because he is a political figure.

Publicly daring the Chief of Police to arrest him, and using the interests of “taxpayers” into something that is a personal conflict, removes professionalism from the conduct of public officials. I trust that my colleagues and fellow candidates would hold ourselves to a better standard, and that citizens of Toronto (who are more than simply “taxpayers”) can see the difference.

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