Q&A with the Toronto Star

Robb Johannes with Skyline

Photo by Richard Lautens / Toronto Star

Rob Ford and former city budget chief David Soknacki participated in the first debate of the mayoral election in early February — but the winner might have been a guy named Robb Johannes, who impressed the University of Toronto Scarborough student crowd with articulate, unscripted policy remarks and a dash of humour (READ MORE).

Thanks to Daniel Dale of the Toronto Star for taking the time to chat about my platform, background, and goals for the Mayoral election in this piece that was published online and in print over the weekend. And thanks to all of you who have helped raise the profile of the campaign thus far. It’s going to continue to be an inspiring and meaningful process, and proof that Toronto wants and deserves BETTER.

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Mayoral Candidate for Toronto 2014. #robbnotford
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