Executive Committee on Billy Bishop Airport Today

YTZ Runway Expansion Map

Image courtesy of CBC

The issue of expanding (or preventing expansion) of Billy Bishop / Toronto Island Airport (YTZ) has come up a few times in my campaign thus far (read Part 1 / read Part 2), as well as attending public consultations and being profiled by NoJetsTO.

The future of Toronto’s waterfront is going to Executive Committee at 9:30 this morning at Toronto City Hall Council Chamber (3rd floor), and to City Council next Tuesday, April 1. The issue of expanding YTZ to include cs100 jets has many implications including reversing the steps made with Waterfront Renewal and Ontario Place Revitalization; the environment; disruption for waterfront residents; traffic congestion; the infrastructure and physical geography of YTZ and Toronto Island; the UP Link from Union Station to Pearson Airport, and keeping Porter Airlines’ customer-service model to the standard it has come to be known for.

NoJetsTO will be live tweeting for those unable to physically attend (of which I will also be one this time), and surely much discussion, which I for one look forward to, will happen after the Executive Committee.

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