#MayorQs with John Tory

Mayoral candidate John Tory, centre, speaks with Metro columnist Matt Elliott and reporter Jessica Smith Cross.

Photo by David Van Dyke / Metro

Going forward, (John) Tory needs to remember the reasons people like him as an advocate and a personality. There’s no need to abandon those qualities just because he’s decided — again — to be a candidate.
Matt Elliott, Metro News

This week, Metro is publishing the results of conversations under the social media tagged #MayorQs with mayoral candidates John Tory, Karen Stintz, David Soknacki, and Olivia Chow.

I’ve stated previously (in response to the CityNews televised debate) that John Tory, who I have met, and do respect, has thus far been non-committal about pragmatic issues in his still unreleased plan for Toronto. The evasiveness continued in his profile with the Metro — including, once again, a commitment to eventually release his plans on the Yonge Street Relief Line. “I will have a plan, it will be complete,” while understandable in the bigger picture of developing an inclusive and calculated platform, is challenging on what has been stated time and again to be Tory’s top priority if  elected Mayor.

In this election, we need a leader with a solid plan who is willing to compromise to get the job done but not compromise the plan itself. It appears that John Tory’s plan is at risk of being demoted to win votes.

The Robb Not Ford team is committed to our core platform about what will make Toronto BETTER — ideas that have emerged from talking to Torontonians. Collaboratively incorporating citizens’ concerns into the plan is what will make for a BETTER, successful Toronto.

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