#MayorQs with Olivia Chow

Olivia Chow chats with Metro columnist Matt Elliot.

Photo by David Van Dyke / Metro News

We’re happy to welcome mayoral candidate Olivia Chow to the “We can do better, Toronto” (@wecandobetterTO) campaign that was recently launched as a sub-effort to the Robb Not Ford campaign, most notably at the CityNews mayor’s debate:

In her #mayorQs profile with Metro this week, Ms. Chow’s headline “We can do better” is certainly a forward-thinking initiative that we have been advocating since the very beginning and will continue to on the road to October 27 — without running attack ads against other candidates as Ms. Chow’s office possibly has.

Like Ms. Chow’s expanded rapid bus service plan, also announced shortly after we brought it into our platform (and discussed with Daniel Dale of the Toronto Star), amongst others, we welcome other candidates to look at our ideas and adopt them if they so choose.

We are all in this together because we can do better, Toronto!

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