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Turnout Toronto

The 2010 Toronto Civic Election was a good example of what can happen when there is a disconnect between candidates and communities; disaffected voters without candidates they can identify with or who speak for them is perhaps a major reason we have the representation we currently do.

A primary premise of the Robb Not Ford / We Can Do Better, Toronto! campaign is civic engagement — that being a citizen is more than simply voting once every four years; but rather finding accessible, day-to-day ways to contribute to making a BETTER city.

Turnout Toronto is a civic engagement fair, aimed at educating citizens on the opportunities to get involved (e.g. working on a political campaign, volunteer with Elections Toronto, etc), which hopefully leads to things like higher voter turnout, civic participation, and love for this great city.

The Robb Not Ford / We Can Do Better, Toronto! campaign is one of the Civic Champions to be represented at Turnout Toronto TODAY from 5-8pm at the Centre for Social Innovation Regent Park.


If you have been following the campaign and may be interested in volunteering, or simply meeting and discussing a BETTER Toronto with Robb Johannes, today is the day to do so!

More info is at the Events page, and you can RSVP on Facebook.

Turnout Toronto is the perfect prelude to the volunteer information session that will take place next Wednesday, April 16 (see the Events page for details).

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Mayoral Candidate for Toronto 2014. #robbnotford
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