#MayorQs with David Socknacki

David Socknacki chats with Metro News

Photo by David Van Dyke / Metro News

The final major candidate in the Metro #MayorQs series, which also included John ToryKaren Stintzand Olivia Chow, is former Toronto city budget chief David Soknacki.

Although the The Toronto StarThe Grid, and others referred to me as the winner of the first mayor’s debate in Scarborough in February over Mr. Socknacki and incumbent Rob Ford, it is certainly refreshing to see another balanced candidate with well-thought out and policy-based ideas that would make a welcome replacement of a rhetoric-based political ethos in Toronto — but so much so that attempts to create another Ford Nation-esque cult of personality through memes such as this may actually work in Mr. Socknacki’s detriment:

David Socknacki Memes

A concern we do have about Mr. Socknacki is that he may run the risk of treating the City of Toronto like a project at the expense of being inclusive of youth and disenfranchised groups or as engaged in cultural facilitation as one should be at the mayoral level.

Regardless, we all by now probably have indeed heard of David Socknacki.

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