Move over Rob Ford: NOW Magazine Feature

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Photo by Cynthia McQueen / NOW Magazine

A new article by Cynthia McQueen of NOW Magazine:

NOW talked to the man behind Robb Johannes doesn’t feel that Ford has been honest or that he reflects our city’s diverse population.

The musician hopes to distance himself from the other candidates and the “cult of personality” started by Ford. Johannes says all the top candidates are engaged in building a name for themselves pointing out that David Soknacki participated with his popular, but short-lived memes.

“I think citizens of Toronto have had enough of characters representing us,” he says. “We need people that we can relate to.”

With a diverse background working in social services, Johannes has experience “taking disparate interests and finding ways to bridge them.”  He did just that when he was the executive director of Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users that fought for the first legal supervised injection site in North America.

Of course, transit and accessibility are large pieces of his platform, as they should be for any candidate. He knows people personally that have turned down jobs because their commute would have included a ride on the King streetcar.

“The fact that only 31 of 69 TTC stops are wheelchair accessible” makes the city less inclusive, he says.

He would change that and open discussions on introducing summer bike lanes on Bloor and Danforth and eliminating traffic on King and Queen streets making them pedestrian corridors.

Of all the things we discussed, being open and honest were integral to Johannes.

He says he would bring more accountability for the city’s finances. “People don’t mind paying taxes if they know where they’re going and how they’re being used.”

The current system is a mystery to the voters he’s talked to.

He wants to take “down that veil” to show “what’s happening behind the scenes.”

When asked if he has a campaign slogan that’s an answer to Ford’s cracked up gravy train, he says “We can do better, Toronto.”

Source: NOW Magazine

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