Toronto is not (yet) a Ford-Free Zone

Rob and Doug Ford

Photo by Nathan Denette / The Canadian Press

Yesterday, in a shocking, but not particularly surprising turn of events, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford withdrew his re-election campaign due to health concerns, and his brother, puppeteer, and Ward 2 (Etobicoke North) councillor Doug Ford entered the mayoral race with just minutes left in registration and withdrawal deadline.

“I’ve asked Doug to finish what we stated together, so that all we’ve accomplished isn’t washed away,” Rob Ford said in a statement issued shortly after his brother’s nomination papers were officially filed. “I have asked Doug to run to become the next Mayor of Toronto because we need him. We cannot go backwards” (The Globe and Mail).

Not only is the last-minute Ford swap a treatment of the great city of Toronto as a football match for public exploitation, it’s also an example of the Fords’ disregard for citizens of Toronto (not the least of which was previously documented in their standalone rejections of otherwise largely unanimously-agreed city council budget motions).

I am reminded of the Bush family: just because Rob Ford has withdrawn from re-election does not mean our work is done, Toronto: let’s avoid the Doug Ford trap on October 27.

And although Rob Ford is seemingly not healthy enough to run for mayor, he is oddly healthy enough to run for city council in Ward 2. And I would like to make an official endorsement of Andray Domise as the candidate who will beat him.

Lastly, while we are talking about the Bush family: I trust that apparent mayoral frontrunner John Tory has revised his stance on creationism being taught in public schools:

“It’s still called the theory of evolution,” Tory said. “They teach evolution in the Ontario curriculum, but they also could teach the fact to the children that there are other theories that people have out there that are part of some Christian beliefs” (CTV News).

It all comes down this this: we can do BETTER, Toronto!

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