John Tory and the Not-so-Smart Track

Photo by David Cooper / The Toronto Star

Photo by David Cooper / The Toronto Star

In an election predicated on improving transit, reducing congestion, and making Toronto more sustainable and accessible — it’s discouraging to see apparent mayoral frontrunner John Tory withdraw participation on two key debates: 1) the TTC Riders debate; and 2) the waterfront debate.

Transit has been the number one issue for countless voters in October 27‘s election, to which Mr. Tory’s dubious Smart Track proposal has raised eyebrows; and the significance of Porter Airlines’ proposed expansion of Billy Bishop Airport to include CS100 jets has been documented on this website (Part 1 / Part 2) as potentially hazardous to the geological and economic future of Toronto’s waterfront.

Along with other antiquated ideas like creationism in public schools, women needing to play golf to advance in the business world, and subways being the only solution to Toronto’s transit woes (at the neglect of rapid bus transit, bicycles, and pedestrian corridors), it’s disappointing to see a high-profile candidate take the not-so-Smart Track approach to the most important debates in the civic election with another ineffective strategy: pulling out.

We can do BETTER, Toronto!

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