Advanced Polls Are Open Now


As advanced polls have opened for October 27‘s civic election, the next era of Toronto’s civic future is getting down to the wire. It is also time to acknowledge, as I have since the beginning, that the mayor is only one vote of 45 on Toronto city council. The tumultuous, and at times humourous, and even aggravating, mayoral race or privilege and distance from everyday Torontonians has predictably distracted from council races in Toronto’s city wards. A city as diverse as Toronto truly needs representation that reflects and respects its needs, interests, and differences — it all begins with your local community.

If you’re decided (or undecided) on your mayoral vote, are you also aware of who is running for council in your ward — and who has the most direct connection to getting what matters to you on the table at city hall?

The Position Primer by the wonderful citizens at Women in Toronto Politics (#WiTOPoli) is a great place to start. Simply enter your postal code and you’ll be directed towards info on who is running in your ward, what their platforms are, and how they would, or have been, representing your community.

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be focusing on specific wards needing particular attention, and driving this race to its conclusion. Of course, that is only when the work begins, as the key to meaningful change to work every day to make Toronto BETTER, which I am confident we can!

About robbnotford

Mayoral Candidate for Toronto 2014. #robbnotford
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