Record Turnout at Advanced Polls

Matty Eckler Community Centre, where I voted at advanced polls this week. Photo by Keith Beaty / Toronto Star

Matty Eckler Community Centre, where I voted at advanced polls this week. Photo by Keith Beaty / Toronto Star

Advanced polls for Toronto’s 2014 civic election have now closed. In the six days polls were open, 161,147 citizens cast ballots that will determine the next four years of Toronto’s City Council and Mayoral roles. This is up from 77,000 in 2010. The first day of advanced polls alone saw 28,046 Torontonians at the polls compared to 16,000 in 2010.

A central tenet of the Robb Not Ford campaign has been civic engagement and increasing voter turnout to ensure that Toronto doesn’t face the same fate of unrepresentative representation that came out of the 2010 election. So far, we’re well on our way to changing that.

And on the note of strategic voting…. there’s been a lot of talk about voting for John Tory to ensure that Doug Ford does not win — instead of voting for, say, Olivia Chow (or me!), with whom many voters’ hearts actually rest, out of fear of the myth of “vote splitting.” Well, Doug Ford is already not going to win, and if all 1.6 million eligible voters in Toronto hit the polls, those who are planning to vote Tory as the “Anyone But Ford” vote can rest assured they needn’t do so; every citizen voting for their preferred choice would give enough numbers to make Toronto Ford (and Ford-with-a-better-vocabulary, a.k.a. “Tory”)-free.

This video says it all:

We all get one vote. Let’s use it for what we want, not what we don’t.

Let’s keep doing BETTER, Toronto!

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