Ward 17: Saeed Selvam, Community-builder

Saeed Selvam, Ward 17 (Davenport) candidate.

Saeed Selvam, Ward 17 (Davenport) candidate.

Over the past weekend, Mayor Rob Ford was asked to leave a Ward 17 (Davenport) advanced polling station — perhaps to try and protect incumbent councilor Cesar Palacio from the grassroots efforts of community leader Saeed Selvam.

Just a small window into Mr. Selvam’s background:

In August 2013, Saeed led the charge for Ward 17 Davenport’s first completely non-partisan Town Hall and urged local politicians to act on the community’s concerns. Saeed also started a local initiative called TICTOC, which addressed high drop-out rates at Oakwood Collegiate by promoting job opportunities to youth.

He’s won the Lincoln Alexander Award for Leadership in the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, the Mandela Equity Award, and provided policy advice to the Obama administration. Need I go on?

I’ve had the great fortune of spending with Saeed during the course of the 2014 Toronto civic election. His voice and experience would truly be an asset to a progressive and representative city council intimately connected to the needs of everyday citizens.

Visit Saeed Sevlam’s website.


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