Ward 18: Jolene Hunt, Just Like You (But Actually)

Jolene Hunt, Ward 18 (Davenport) candidate.

Jolene Hunt, Ward 18 (Davenport) candidate.

Jolene Hunt, running for city council in Ward 18 (Davenport), takes former mayoral candidate Karen Stintz‘s notorious “I’m just like you” line and gives it a realistic application, addressing the long-standing divide between candidates and communities that has been at the bedrock of my own mayoral campaign.

I am not an established politician. I am an active citizen with education, life and work experience, drive, and a strong connection to the community – Jolene Hunt

Ms. Hunt’s platform takes aim at transit, affordable housing, fair tax shift, child care, and community-led development from the place where it most essentially needs to come from in order to advance the community: the community itself.

Jolene has been a great support through my own campaign, and I’m proud to have taken the plunge into the 2014 civic election alongside a city council candidate who is genuinely of the people.

And, she has perhaps the best hashtag of the election (after #robbnotford of course!): #JO4TO

Visit Jolene Hunt’s website.

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